Montreal Canadiens defenceman Josh Gorges weighed in on the NHL lockout Tuesday.

With games cancelled until Dec. 30, the NHL and NHL Players’ Association are set to resume talks at an undisclosed location Wednesday with U.S. federal mediators.

At Place Ville Marie doing a promo from R.W. & Co., Gorges said he was proud to be in the community answering hard questions, unlike the other side.

“It's tough to understand where we go from here. We keep moving toward them and they keep taking another step back every time, changing what they're saying and what they're asking for,” he told reporters.

Why doesn't Gary (Bettman) lift that million-dollar fine? Let’s hear what the owners have to say. We get tracked down at our skates every day and are expected to answer all of the questions. We don’t shy away. We're here. It's relevant to everyone across Canada that's watching, but we’re not allowed to hear what the owners have to say.”

One of the aspects of the negotiating Gorges said has bothered him is the owners’, Bettman’s and NHL Deputy CommissionerBill Daly's attempt to separate the players from their leader NHLPA Executive Director Donald Fehr.

That will never happen, said Gorges.

“We hired him for a reason. (NHL player) Ron Hainsey said it best: We are not capable of closing billion-dollar deals. That's why we hired him. We're hockey players. That's his job. We won't do anything without him by our side.”