MONTREAL - Huntingdon Mayor Stephane Gendron's outspoken views have led viewers to complain about his broadcasts, once again.

The mayor, aged, 44, is also a TV host whose outspoken views criticizing Israel have upset some viewers.

On the December 27 edition of his Face a Face talk show on the V Television Network, he called Israel an "apartheid state" that "does not deserve to exist."

Gendron had been previously removed from TV airwaves following complaints. He was once quoted in a newspaper interview comparing Israelis to Nazis.

Montreal Rabbi Reuben Poupko said that he cannot fathom why Gendron was been invited back to share his inflammatory views on a sensitive subject.

"He is a dangerous force, a divisive force," said Poupko. "And the fact that the management and ownership of that station continues to tolerate his presence on air as they dismissed him five years ago is bizarre."

Gendron also supported the boycott of a St. Denis St. shoe store that sells shoes made in Israel.

The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council says that it has received nine complaints about the broadcast.

If those who complained disagree with any eventual decision, they can then have it investigated by a special panel to see if there was a broadcasting code violation.

Gendron, who has served as Mayor of Huntingdon since 2003 and was elected with two-thirds of the vote in 2009, was not available for interview Friday.

The former PQ aide first gained notoriety after ordering a controversial curfew for youths within his municipality.