One of the busiest transit hubs in eastern Montreal has been redesigned and will undergo more traffic flow changes.

Borough mayor Real Menard said the STM is still trying to find alternate routes for the 78 buses that come through the intersection each day.

"There are a lot of buses that come along Honoré-Beaugrand and we want to see if we can change that," said Menard.

"The pattern of the circulation is very sophisticated for the STM and we, some people believe, can we change, can we take measures to see the bus take some other streets, Des Ormeaux, St. Donat, something like that."

The city of Montreal and the STM have spenT more than $170,000 to install new traffic lights, gates, and more lighting for pedestrian walkways.

The measures were recommended after a five-year-old girl was struck and killed by an STM bus in December 2011.