MONTREAL -- The Government of Quebec announced the creation of a new email address,, where workers in the health and social services network can confidentially share what is happening on the ground during COVID-19 pandemic.

The Minister of Health and Social Services Danielle McCann announced the initiative Saturday morning in a news release.

The email address should allow health-care professionals to raise issues or situations that they experience on a daily basis with a view of improving practices.

Friday afternoon, during the daily Quebec pandemic news conference, McCann conceded that there was still a type of omerta code existing, preventing health workers from speaking to the media, even if she said she had “lifted the omerta” on May 1.

Omerta is a code of silence about activity and refusal to give evidence to authorities typically used when speaking of the Mafia.

McCann promised to soon announce another avenue for employees to voice their concerns.

The email address announced on Saturday is “a concrete gesture to offer another voice to workers in the health sector (...) who know the issues that are experienced on a daily basis by caregivers.”

McCann said it is a “process which will remain confidential.”

“I invite them not to hesitate to inform us of their experiences, unfair situations or good practices, so that we can, together, respond more effectively to the needs of Quebecers,” she said.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published May 16, 2020.