MONTREAL -- LORI GRAHAM'S LATEST FORECAST HERE: Snow, rain and freezing rain moving in to Southern Quebec for the weekend

If you are hitting the road this weekend, heads up!

Environment and Climate Change Canada has issued widespread special weather statements for messy weather this weekend.

Weather warning

A large low pressure system moving up from the United States is expected to bring a mix of snow, rain and freezing rain Saturday through Sunday.

Montreal could see precipitation start in the form of snow on Saturday but as temperatures rise we could see pockets of freezing rain Saturday night into Sunday morning.

The mixed bag of precipitation is expected to change to straight rain as temperatures climb above the freezing mark on Sunday.

It's still early, but Montreal could see about 5 cm of snow on Saturday before it changes to freezing rain and rain.


Areas north of the Saint Lawrence are bracing for potentially heavy snow. Early indications are for upwards of 15 cm.


The front will move out Sunday night giving way to dry conditions for Monday but temperatures will drop with daytime highs around -7ºC or -8ºC by Tuesday.