Ginette Reno will return to the Bell Centre this evening to sing the Canadian anthem; her doctor is ordering her to do so.

After singing the anthem during the first home game of the first round of the Canadiens' playoff run, Reno said she had to visit her doctor to make sure she was well enough to sing the anthem a second time.

The award-winning singer suffered a heart attack in January while at her home in Florida, and has been worried about her long-term health.

But her cardiologist, Dr. Jean-Lucien Rouleau of the Montreal Heart Institute, says she is fine, and made a video to confirm it.

"She came into my office and I knew she had the question, could she sing, could she not sing," said Dr. Rouleau in the video.

"When she sings it is a shock, there is a shot of adrenalin."

However, Dr. Rouleau says Reno's heart can handle the stress, and the Habs fan goes further than that.

"Ginette, I have a prescription for you, and that is to sing the National Anthem before the beginning of each Canadiens match, certainly against the Bruins but especially after that when we go all the finals for the Stanley Cup."