The trial of Michael Gero, accused of murdering his 19-year-old girlfriend in 2013, is proceeding quickly.

On Monday, Gero testified he was in the shower when he heard a gunshot. When he came out, he saw Sherri Thomas on the floor.

On Tuesday, Gero’s mother took the stand as the last witness for the defence, testifying that on the night of the shooting her son called her, screaming “Sherri shot herself.”

Barbara Gero said she walked over to her son's NDG home but refused to enter the apartment as she could see the floor was covered in blood.

The defence's version of events is quite different from what the Crown has proposed.

Several Crown witnesses testified that they heard Gero and Thomas arguing that morning, and the jury has heard testimony from neighbours saying that they saw Gero in a state of panic after the shooting.

The gun used in the shooting was found on Gero’s roof with his fingerprints on it.

Gero testified that he took the gun and threw it onto the roof.

Under cross-examination Gero said he was not permitted to own firearms due to a previous criminal conviction for selling crack cocaine.

Thomas's grandfather has been watching the trial, and is relieved it is drawing to a close.

On Thursday, the prosecution and defence will make their closing arguments.

On Monday, the jury will receive final instructions form the judge and begin their deliberations. They will be sequestered until they reach a verdict.