MONTREAL -- It may be December in Brossard, but a local company is still preparing to harvest some fresh strawberries.

At Ferme D'Hiver, fruit can be grown year-round thanks to new technology involving LED lights and natural pollination.

At the indoor farm, temperature is controlled using a heat exchange system and with no outside bugs, pesticides are not needed.

“We are conserving land, we are conserving water, we are not using pesticides, chemicals or GMOs,” said farming director Kashif Riaz.

During Quebec's fall economic update, the government pledged $157 million over the next three years to increase the province's food self-sufficiency. Included in that pledge was more money for greenouses such as Ferme D'Hiver.

Their produce is finding its way to local mouths: over the holidays, the 1,000 square foot greenhouse will produce a tonne of strawberries that will be sold at IGAs on the South Shore.

The farm already has plans for a site in Vaudreuil-Dorion that is 12 times larger, with room for 55,000 plants. Work on that greenhouse will be completed in 2021.