Several people, including former MP Maria Mourani, are calling on the federal government to implement a law that would make it easier to arrest pimps.

Mourani introduced the legislation years ago, and it was given Royal Assent last year.

However before the bill passed it was amended to include a requirement that the government assign a specific date for it to come into force -- and it has yet to do so.

In order to put pressure on the federal government to act, Mourani and a group of people delivered a letter to the prime minister's Montreal office on Monday morning.

The law itself changes several sections of the Criminal Code to make it easier to charge pimps who push young women into prostitution.

"I revert the burden of proof, so we don't need the burden of proof, so we don't need the testimony of victims to accuse pimps of traffickers, so it's a very important point," said Mourani.

Most bills come into effect as soon as they receive Royal Assent, or on a date specificed in the legislation.

Mourani was joined by Marjolaine Aubé, whose daughter has run away from a Laval group home multiple times.

"We know there are pimps all around the youth centres. Getting these pimps charged is crucial," said Aubé. 

Mourani says she will continue to pressure the government until Justin Trudeau takes the steps necessary for the law to come into effect