Six former environment ministers have joined forces to ask the Legault government to pass the climate bill suggested by author, director, and activists Dominic Champagne.

Called "The Pact," Champagne's movement began gaining momentum in Quebec in November 2018.

It calls on people to take immediate action on climate change and to reduce their production of greenhouse gases.

In a letter sent Monday to the Premier, and obtained by Le Devoir, former environment ministers Clifford Lincoln, Lise Bacon, Paul Begin, Thomas Mulcair, Daniel Breton, and Isabelle Melançon urged the National Assembly to adopt the bill.

The proposed legislation suggests making the reduction in greenhouse gases mandatory, and would require the government to ensure that all regulations and laws adopted respect the greenhouse gas targets.

The six signatories describe their initiative as an unprecedented move that crosses political partisanship to respond to the climate emergency. Their statement is accompanied by a letter signed by 18 environmental law professors who support the passage of the bill.

Shortly after the election of his government Legault met Champagne, who then said he was pleasantly surprised by the premier's willingness to respond to requests.