MONTREAL - Despite an announcement this week that former rector Dr. Frederick Lowy could soon become interim president, many faculty and staff at Concordia continue to call for change -- and some resignations.

Maria Peluso, president of Concordia's part-time faculty association, told CTV Montreal it's no longer about whether or not the last president Judith woods worth was dismissed or not.

"I don't want to question that," she said. "I question the frequency of the departures; I question the number of the departures."

Peluso says even the return of a former and well-regarded rector wouldn't be able to pick up the pieces.

Journalism Professor Mike Gasher agreed, saying the culture of the board needs to be changed.

"It seems at the board level it's shrouded in secrecy," he said. "And so the democracy stops at the highest level of University governance - so that's the problem - it's a structural problem."

On Monday, Concordia's Executive Committee of the Board announced it recommended that Lowy, who served as president from 1995 to 2005, resume the position on an interim basis.

If approved by the full Board of Governors, Lowy could take up his post before the end of January, replacing Dr. Judith Woodsworth, who resigned in December.

In an open letter to Concordia students and staff, Board Chairman Peter Kruyt said Lowy will lead efforts to strengthen the board's relationship with senior administration and the Concordia community.