A North-Shore breast cancer survivor said she has faced censorship by Facebook over the cover of a book she wrote detailing her battle with the disease.

Catherine Kontos said she wanted to chronicle a period of her life in which she fought not just cancer but divorce and the loss of her business in order to help others.

“I wanted people to understand that if they have faith in their journey everything will turn out the way it needs to turn out,” she said. “Never give up.”

Kontos released her book ‘Soul Shaker’ on Amazon. But when she tried to advertise the book on Facebook, it was immediately banned. Kontos received a message from Facebook explaining the decision.

“It includes an image or video depicting excessive skin or nudity, which include medical diagrams depicting external organs of reproduction (including) breasts,” it said.

Kontos said the decision left her stunned.

“There’s nothing showing on my cover at all, other than the side of my body and a scar,” she said. “My arm is covering everything else.”

She appealed the decision but that was denied.

When CTV News contacted Facebook about Kontos’ book, a spokesperson apologized and said she would be allowed to advertise her book.

“We understand that sharing photos can help raise awareness about breast cancer and support the women and men facing a diagnosis, undergoing treatment or living with the scars of cancer,” they said in a statement. “This ad was removed in error but has now been restored.”

Kontos said the resolution came as a relief.

“I’m happy I got this type of response because I was truly worried I would never be able to do anything,” she said.