Following an exciting run at the Australian Open last month, Eugenie Bouchard is now ranked 19th in the world.

This weekend she is in her hometown, ready to lead Team Canada at the Fed Cup.

Bouchard is not home very often during the tennis season so having the chance to spend a week in Montreal is always enjoyable, no matter the weather, nor the distractions of increasing popularity.

"For sure there's been more attention. I think it comes with the job," Bouchard said.

"It just shows if you have success on the court, you'll get attention off it."

However Bouchard said her main focus will always be her job: playing professional tennis.

"My priority is tennis and I focus on that and if there's any other attention off the court, that's a good thing," said Bouchard.

She is not yet used to the fame, but Bouchard seems to be revelling in the spotlight and thriving on the pressure.

"Like Billie Jean King said pressure is a privilege. So to be 19th, I want to be much better than that. I see it as motivation," said Bouchard.

"I'd rather be higher ranked with more pressure than lower ranked with no pressure. This is what I worked for. I don't really focus on it anyway because I put enough pressure on myself."

The soon to be 20-year-old (Her birthday is on March 4) will be counted upon to win both of her single matches this weekend and improve upon her international record of 7-and-2

With all four team members playing great right now, coach Sylvain Bruneau said this is the strongest Team Canada in years.

"All the girls are very patriotic and they love to play for their country which makes us special because you don't see that everywhere," Bruneau said. "When you put that together, that's good ingredients for a good team."

Improvements are being made to the court every day, and before the two-day tournament begins on Saturday the grandstands will be finished.

Meanwhile the coaches are deciding who will team up for the doubles match.

"We are using the next couple of days to see what's going to be the final lineup. It's a great thing," said Bruneau.

Close to four thousand fans are expected to attend the Fed Cup at the Claude Robillard complex.