At her first board meeting since her salary was slashed, the chair of the English Montreal School Board apologized for her behaviour.

Angela Mancini was officially rebuked by her fellow board members in December following multiple complaints about her actions, and the board's ethics commissioner has also sanctioned Mancini.

Mancini had also been found guilty of four ethics code violations for a meeting last year in which she interrupted speakers and used inappropriate language.

As a result the board ordered her to formally apologize, and that is what she did Wednesday.

"For that I would like to apologize if the behaviour that they felt was inappropriate. Certainly that wasn't the intention. But it's not the emitter of the message but sometimes the receiver that receives it that we have to pay attention to," said Mancini.

That apology did not go over well with the board's vice-chair, Joe Ortona, who said the ethics commissioner found Mancini acted in bad faith.

"That's not what the apology is for or to make allusions that it's not the sender and the receiver. The ethics commissioner was very clear that you needed to apologize for the acts that you committed," said Ortona.

The board members do not have the power to remove Mancini from her position because she is an elected official.

However last month they cut her salary from $38,000 to $10,000 per year because she missed multiple meetings and failed to attend other functions.

Meanwhile the provincial government is investigating the EMSB for alleged mismanagement at the board, and examining how contracts were awarded.