School commissioners with the English Montreal School Board officially rebuked chair Angela Mancini and called on her to apologize for her behaviour.

Mancini has been chair of the school board for the past decade and in recent years there have been multiple complaints about her behaviour.

"We've been facing this difficult situation now, and I mean the more general, the more difficult situation for two years now," said Joe Ortana, the vice-chair of the EMSB.

The most recent complaint involves the board's Director General and chief administrative officer, AnnMarie Matheson.

Matheson began working for the board three years ago based on Mancini's recommendation.

Since then their relationship has deteriorated to the point that Matheson filed a complaint with the EMSB's ethics commissioner.

The commissioner said that Mancini has used abusive and foul language, and that she and former vice-chair Sylvia Lo Bianco have insulted people at council meetings.

Ortana said that Mancini and Lo Bianca must apologize to the board.

"Directors have signed letters, we've had an assistant Director General who has resigned and stated very clearly in his letter his motivations why he did so there's been a strenuous situation here," said Ortana.

Mancini and Lo Bianco were absent from Wednesday's meeting, and it was the second consecutive meeting that Mancini had missed.

Last year assistant director Angelo Marino resigned, saying that he no longer had confidence in Mancini following her intimidating behaviour.

Two years ago a dozen administrators at the board signed a letter complaining of a lack of respect and inappropriate conduct towards them at the school board, as well as a misunderstanding of everyone's roles and responsibilities.

UPAC also launched an investigation of the EMSB and it was audited by the Quebec government.

Meanwhile the CAQ government is pledging to abolish school boards throughout Quebec, although multiple groups have already promised they will launch court challenges to the eventual legislation.