MONTREAL -- SHERBROOKE -- Another candidate for the leadership of the Quebec Liberals has emerged as Drummondville Mayor Alexandre Cusson formally announced his bid on Saturday.

Cusson, who has also previously served as president of the Union of Quebec Municipalities, confirmed rumours of his interest in the job during the party’s general council meetings in Sherbrooke.

Surrounded by supporters Cusson said that if elected premier of Quebec he would define himself as a Quebec nationalist who was also proud of his Canadian heritage. He said he has never voted for any other party and voted ‘no’ in the 1995 sovereignty referendum.

On specific policies Cusson played coy, refusing to comment on the controversial Bill 21 on religious symbols.

“I don’t want to go into specific issues,” he said repeatedly during his announcement, saying he would present his platform at the beginning of 2020.

Cusson said he would devote himself full-time to pursuing the leadership and would resign as mayor at the end of January, 2020, following the presentation of Drummondville’s budget.

MNA Dominique Anglade became the first candidate to enter the race on Friday. The party will select its new leader in May.

Cusson made an effort to stand out from the Montreal-based candidacy of Anglade, saying he would be a “unifying” leader who could make inroads into Quebec’s regions.