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Dog rescuers pick up husky they say was left in crate during Montreal heatwave


A Montreal pet agency says they've picked up a husky that was kept locked in a crate on a balcony for more than 48 hours during a heat wave.

“We knew we had to do something because this is neglect to the maximum,” said Kim Desautels, co-founder of Rescue All Dogs. “We were concerned for the dog's health because they could easily die in the heat.”

With the help of Montreal police officers and several concerned neighbours, Desautel’s agency was able to collect Knox the dog. He was found in his crate on a balcony in a Nuns’ Island apartment complex, with no water during the heatwave, covered in his own urine and feces, according to Desautels. 

“Dogs with a thick coat like huskies are even more at risk because heat is being absorbed,” veterinarian Dr. Enid Stiles of the Sherwood Park Animal Hospital.

“Dogs don’t perspire, they'll pant to deal with overheating, and that is excessively dangerous,” he said.

That danger didn’t seem to surprise Knox’s recent owners, Desautels says.

“The owners are living at that residence,” she said. “They are aware that dog is in a crate with no water.”

“That was the dog's life until now,” she added.


Desautels says she noticed an increase in pet abandonments this summer. That’s due, in part, to a lack of affordable housing that accommodates pets, she said.

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“Pets can’t protect themselves. They’re dependent on adults, neighbours, family members to call the authorities,” said animal rights lawyer Anne-France Goldwater.

“The same thing happens if you see a domestic animal being abused or neglected,” she said.

Desautels encouraged people to film and report any instances of possible animal abuse they see, and to include it in a report to relevant authorities.

“Videos are really important to report abuse and neglect. Videos is where we can truly act. There's a time stamp. Take as many videos as you can,” she said.

Since he was collected, Knox is said to be recovering and in good spirits. Top Stories

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