Montreal police are investigating after someone tried to injure or kill a pair of dogs in Rosemont.

Pierre Szalowski said that last Friday, someone threw meatballs into his Rosemont backyard, and one of his dogs ate part of those meatballs.

Inside the meatballs were X-Acto-style knife blades; Szalowski's wife noticed the blade cut their dog Molly's mouth and throat.

"When she came she found a meatball, and she looked to understand what could happen and there was part of a razor inside," said Szalowski.

Szalowski said his wife rushed their dog to a veterinary clinic where it underwent a 45-minute emergency surgery, and is expected to recover fully, albeit with a large scar on her stomach.

He said he and his wife are shocked.

"Nobody has ever complained about our dogs," said Szalowski.

"These dogs are appreciated by our neighbours, they are part of the neighbourhood."

He said that police are investigating the incident, and he is worried that whoever did this may try to injure other animals -- or worse.

"I think whoever did this is ill, and we worry about what else they might do," said Szalowski.

"The person might be thinking that they got away with it, and may do it again." 

Neighbours told CTV Montreal that Szalowski's dogs are well-controlled, and quickly stopped if they begin to bark excessively. 

With no witnesses and no suspects, police are hoping someone will come forward with more information.

If found, the person who did this could and should be charged, said attorney Anne-France Goldwater.

“The person who did such a horrid thing could be charged under the Criminal Code with an offence up to five years in penitentiary,” she said.