MONTREAL -- In February, Olympic diver Meaghan Benfeito lost all her possessions in a Mirabel fire, including her 3 Olympic medals.

The Montreal native medaled in the 2012 London Olympics and twice in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, among other high-level international competitions.

But all those trophies were lost when her condo went up in flames in a devastating fire.

“Medals don't always mean a lot to everybody, but to athletes, they mean absolutely everything It's years of hard work,” she said Tuesday.

It’s been an emotional year for the diver who shed a tear when presented with her new medals, recast and returned to her. The International Olympics Committee and the Canadian Olympics Committee worked hard to make this day happen.

"I wouldn’t be able to push through not only a difficult year but I think there’s been a bunch of things thrown at me. So thank you and I will do everything in my capability to win two more medals this summer so that we can celebrate even more,” she said, expressing gratitude to the committees and her family for their support.

She says this is another obstacle overcome, and she's ready for the next one. She is already fully vaccinated and qualified for the Tokyo games, her fourth Olympics.

Now, she’s just waiting for the word "go" to see if the games will begin.

“I come to do training, do what I have to do. If they're on, I'll be ecstatic, [but] if they're not, it's out of my control,” she said. “As long as I do whatever I have to do to be ready if they're on.”

She hopes to add to her collection, one she once thought was lost forever.