Hook, line and sinker, most Americans believed George W. Bush when he went to war because of those weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

He had all the proof, except it was a big lie.

Politicians often stretch and bend the truth to suit their agendas.

I’m not suggesting that one should compare Bush with Bernard Drainville. That might be unfair to Bush.

I don't think Bernard Drainville is fit for public office and he certainly should forget about any hopes of leading the Parti Quebecois.

Drainville was the guy behind the mean-spirited and offensive Charter.

He was the one who, more than anyone else, wanted to divide Quebecers and create two classes of citizens: us and them.

Remember when he presented his silly pictograms about what religious symbols would be allowed and what would not be in the new PQ Quebec?

This could have been straight out of Saturday Night Live or Monty Python's Flying Circus.

He assured us legal opinions had been sought and yes, Quebec was on solid ground.

That turns out to have been a pile of rubbish.

No complete legal opinion had been asked for.

Even the expert Drainville cited, constitutional expert Henri Brun, told The Gazette this week that he never wrote such a legal opinion.

So this week, Drainville decided to go on the offensive to try to save what is left of his political honour.

Come on Mr. Drainville, face it: you screwed up. Your diabolical scheme didn’t work.

The Quebec Bar Association said the Charter was illegal. The Quebec Human Rights Council said it was unconstitutional. All you wanted was to pick a fight with the Supreme Court of Canada.

This week Gerard Bouchard, a sovereignist and co-chair of the Bouchard-Taylor commission on Reasonable Accommodation, blasted Drainville saying quite rightly that Drainville tried to whip up Quebec francophone opinion against minorities.

"A sinister ploy" he called it, then pointed out Pauline Marois had the decency to quit and so Drainville should have the decency now to leave.

Drainville has been spinning webs of fabrications and untruths from the beginning. Churchill said a lie gets halfway around the world before truth gets to put its pants on.

There is a delicious irony here because that is exactly what Drainville said Quebecers should do: pull up their pants when it comes to the Charter... and thankfully they did, one leg at a time.

Hockey's best rivalry

Is there a better a sports rivalry than the Habs and Bruins? You have to love it.

Our city takes on a new verve, a new vivacity at playoff time.

Let’s just hope that no matter what happens on the ice, cooler heads will prevail on the streets.

I remember what happened in 2008 when we beat the Bruins. What a mess...

And then again in 2010 when the Habs beat the Penguins, hooligans took over Ste. Catherine street.

It was ugly and the whole world saw it. Not our finest hour when our city was overrun by those dumber than sacks of hammers.

We need zero tolerance from our police and we should all take responsibility to ensure that the yahoos don’t have their way. Win or lose.

We are a proud city with a hockey legacy like no other. Let’s stay classy, let’s stay proud and Go Habs Go.