Bird watchers in St. Laurent gathered around to spot cardinals, hawks and woodpeckers on Sunday, despite a lawyer’s letter warning them to stay away.

Bird watch outing organizer Joel Coutu was sent the lawyer’s letter this week.

Technopark communications director Carl Baillargeon says it was out of concern for people’s safety since the private property has uneven terrain.

Area birders have been gathering in the Technopark for years, saying the site is notable for the variety of birds that gather there. 

The group has called for a halt on development on the location, citing environmental concerns.

Technopark officials said 46 per cent of the land will be maintained as a nature park within two years. A walkway will be built over the marshes so people can wander through without walking on the ground.

While the watchers went unbothered on Sunday, park officials said if they return, police may be called.