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Dawson shooting and Polytechnique massacre survivors urge federal parties to focus on gun control


Meaghan Hennegan survived the 2006 Dawson College shooting spree, and she says she's terrified that what happened to her will happen again.

“It’s just a matter of time before even more shootings happen, even more injuries happen, and they'll be a lot more serious than what we’ve seen this summer,” she said.

Hennegan was part of the group of survivors from Dawson shooting and the Ecole Polytechnic massacre pleading with Canadians to take a stance on gun control this election.

Gun violence has been in the news in the Montreal region throughout the summer with multiple deadly shootings occurring.

“Think about the public security and the future of the next generations of students, the actual students," said Asmae Danoug of the Student Association of Polytechnique. "We do not want the same thing that’s happening in the United States to come here.”

Polysesouvient, a group of students from Polytechnique promoting gun control, says the answer of who not to vote for is clear.

“If you value your safety, and the safety of your loved ones, and of future generations, the Conservative party is not for you,” said Polysesouvient co-founder Heidi Rathjen.

She said her group is supporting the Bloc Quebecois and Liberal parties' platforms on gun control even though Rathjen has been disappointed with the Liberals in the past.

She said that the Liberal promise to fix Bill C-21 that aims to curb gun violence through stricter regulations gives her group hope.

That bill has not passed.

"The Liberal Party is the only party that can strengthen our gun laws," she said. "Today, we believe they will deliver on banning military-style weapons and accessories."

Quebec's Public Security Minister Genevieve Guilbault said there is a plan to address gun violence in the province.

"I’m working with our 33 police forces in Quebec, [and] we are preparing something big here in the provincial government with the cities, with the municipalities, but we will need the federal government," she said.

With the election just 11 days away, and multiple shootings reported this week alone in the Montreal area, the gun issue will likely continue to be an issue on the campaign trail. Top Stories

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