Police raided the South Shore home of former Montreal Canadiens forward Georges Laraque on Tuesday in connection with a fraud investigation.

Longueuil police arrived at his Brossard home at 9:30 a.m. with a search warrant and carried out the raid as part of an ongoing investigation.

Const. Mark David was tight-lipped about the investigation, but confirmed the raid took place.

“(Police) were in possession of a search warrant and they were looking for documents in relation to a fraud investigation that we would have started in April of 2012. The documents were seized, and the investigation is still ongoing. No arrests have been made for the moment,” said David.

Reached by phone, Laraque also confirmed to CTV the raid was indeed at his home.

He said he was not surprised, and said police were looking for documents in connection with an ongoing legal dispute with a former business partner.

Laraque and Montreal-based engineer Marc Filion formed a company called Super-Glide Canada in 2009 to distribute synthetic ice panels. Laraque has since accused Filion of taking company money to pay off debt, and apparently filed a lawsuit against Filion.

Filion decided to counter-sue, accusing Laraque of fraud, but refused to say why.

Laraque told CTV the documents seized from his home were related to with the minutes of company meetings.

Police say they expect the documents to help them advance in this case.

Laraque played professional hockey for 13 years, retiring from the NHL when the Canadiens bought out his contract in 2010.

He is currently deputy leader of the Green Party of Canada and a frequent sports commentator.