The crane workers' union has asked its members to end their illegal strike that has lasted over a week, and return to their worksites Tuesday. 

The ultimatum was issued in an email to crane operators and posted on the union's website in the evening.

In it, Evans Dupuis, President of the Crane Operator's union, urges the workers to "stop all strikes or slowdowns."

However, he assured the crane operators that the union is not abandoning its demands. 

Last week, they were ordered back to work by the Tribunal administratif du travail.

It was made clear in the last few days that the strike was "illegal," and that workers must return to the job or else the union would face heavy fines - up tp $80,000 for each strike day.

The FTQ union - which represents 600,000 members - has asked the Quebec government to form an independent committee to study the safety aspects of the new regulations that changed the training program for crane operators. 

An estimated 1856 crane operators are employed province-wide.