MONTREAL -- Quebec's musicians and athletes have a message for young people: stay home.

They're following the call to influencers from Quebec Premier Francois Legault to help convince young people to abide by public-health directives since the start of COVID-19 pandemic and self-isolate.

Singer songwriter Beatrice Martin, who goes by the stage name Coeur de Pirate, posted a video on social media, singing a song about the crisis.

"I know you're not at risk and you want to see your friends, but if you do, people could die," she sang in French, while playing piano.

Montreal Canadiens forward was also quick to take to social media, posting a video calling on young people to stay home.

"I understand people want to get out and move, I understand that very well, me too, but we really need to stay home. You can really affect someone in your family that you love," he said in a video message.

Legault said on Tuesday that the cooperation of young people is crucial in stopping the spread of the virus, even if they are asymptomatic.

"We have seen in Italy and in South Korea that young people were very important in the transmission of the virus and the information we have so far is that they don't take that seriously enough right now. They still like to have parties and be together," he said.

"What I want to say to young people is it's not time for the parties. It's not time to be together. Maybe as a young guy or young girl you're not really at risk of that, but you can give the virus to your grandmother or grandfather and then they are at risk," Legault added.