Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard didn't mince words reacting to the terror attacks in Paris, saying all democratic societies are at war, and describing terrorism as "a deadly enemy that has to be confronted with proportional force."

Couillard and his caucus wrapped up a weekend general council meeting in Quebec City Sunday, where votes on resolutions and amendments to the party’s constitution took a backseat to the deadly attacks on French soil.

Couillard said Canada must go to great lengths along with its allies to fight the war on terrorism.

“This includes deadly force. Bear no illusion here. In this room, no one would be spared if these people were among us -- no one here. So we have to measure the enemy to what it is and recognize this and respond in a proportional way,” he said.

Couillard's reaction drew comparisons with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's response.

“I must say that the premier reacted swiftly and with a lot of authority,” said political analyst Jean Lapierre. “People are really impressed by the way he reacted. He takes no prisoners, and as a matter of fact people think he's more solid than the prime minister himself who was hesitating quite a bit on his reaction.”

Couillard also stressed that Quebec has to welcome Syrian refugees with open arms.

This comes after a Quebec City man started an online petition against the Trudeau government's plan to bring in 25,000 refugees by the end of the year.

Couillard said he is reminding Quebecers to remember that the Syrian refugees themselves are the first victims of terrorism.