Commuters are getting fed up with frequent delays on train lines in and out of Montreal.

There has been a series of failures since the new year, all unrelated, on the Deux Montagnes, St. Jerome, Candiac and Vaudreuil-Hudson train lines.

"It's been terrible, there was once when I got stuck for a half hour on the train itself, it was pretty claustrophobic," said Rhea Mathew.

She said the delays have been affecting her work, and as a result she's now leaving home earlier.

"I almost missed a meeting once so I want to make sure that I'm there," she said.

On Monday a switch had problems at the Lucien L'Allier station, causing delays on the three lines that use that station, and forced the cancellation of several departures from Montreal.

At the Sunnybrooke station, halfway along the Deux Montagnes line, most trains were running late on Monday, sometimes with delays as long as 45 minutes and many trains that arrived were so full that passengers could not board.

Another commuter said the train is now routinely late, and she will be late for work.

"Yes, once again," she said.

Commuters said they are frustrated that the RTM, the Reseau de Transport Metropolitain, rarely explains why trains are running late.

"Whatever the reason it's every day now so there's no valid reason for that," said the commuter.

That sentiment was echoed universally, with one man telling CTV Montreal the train has been late "every day since I started work in 2018."

"I have to take the train, I have no choice."

On Monday afternoon the RTM issued a statement saying "We are well aware that this situation has had impacts on your daily routine and be assured that we are doing everything we can to improve matters."

The statement says the temperature swings, strong winds, and snow have affected trains and tracks, and so it is assigning extra crews to deal with tracks and switches.

The agency said that even though switches are heated, many have still frozen under the accumulation of snow.

It added that it has assigned extra crews to deal with the track and switches in the cold weather.

Other delays caused last week including a truck hitting a level crossing barrier in Montreal West, electrical problems preventing an engine from starting, and water seeping into multiple cars.