A working committee assigned to figure out what Montreal’s role as Quebec’s economic metropolis should look like has handed in its report.

The Working Committee on the Status of Metropolis was organized in Nov. 2014 to examine what special powers Montreal should be given as the economic hub of the province.

In its report, the committee, which was headed by Desjardins Group President and CEO Monique Leroux, makes 35 recommendations, including that the city be given a portion of the revenue from the Quebec Service Tax collected there.

In a statement, the mayor thanked the committee and stressed that any new responsibilities for the city would be useless without action to back them up.

“The metropolis is prepared to play a larger role in several areas and to take on new responsibilities,” he said. “On this issue,  it’s important to be clear, however, that any new delegation of responsibilities must be accompanied by new financial resources that are sufficient and permanent.”

A new law relating to Montreal’s status is expected next year.