A caleche horse and car collided Wednesday morning in Griffintown, reigniting debate about the controversial industry.

The collision happened around 10:30 a.m. at the corner of Peel and Wellington Sts.

The horse, pulling a driverless caleche, hit a car and stumbled before getting back up and trotting away. The driver of the car was stunned and his car was badly dented.

The horse, which belongs to the Lucky Luc stable, has been taken out of service for at least two weeks and a veterinarian chosen by the city will examine the animal and decide if it can continue working.

The Ville Marie borough could not answer CTV Wednesday about a long-held demand by the caleche driver industry for the installation of posts to attach the horses when a driver has to use the washroom, for example.

Right now, they have to leave the horse in the care of another permit holder and they say that can be problematic.

While Montreal police say they are aware of the incident, it was not reported to police. A spokesperson for the city says police are supposed to be made aware of all collisions under the Highway Safety Code.