MONTREAL -- A Montreal clothing company is betting big on E-Sports and opening one of the first ever training facilities for gamers.

H4X Labs trains e-athletes with the best gaming gear available hoping to develop the next generation of e-sport champions.

"Anyone that's aspiring to be an e-sports athlete, or pros who are already competing at the highest levels, they will come in here, they will train, hone their skills right either before events, or just on a whim because they want to get better," said H4X CEO Cole Gurman.

H4X is a clothing brand for gamers, and outfits some of e-sports' top names.

"Because the scene is so new, gamers don't really know wha they need," said former e-sport coach Harrison Truong. "They kind of play, burn themselves out, and then, after there's a problem, they kind of try to fix it."

The lab also gives H4X an opportunity to cater its apparel to its costomers' specific needs.

"We'll have kinesiologists that will actually come in her, monitor their game play and reaction time, give us some of the data and we'll take it to the design team and create designs that better fit the performance attributes of that specific player," said Gurman.

Back support, posture control and sleeves to cut down on friction and support the wrists are some of the products the lab designs.

The e-sports world is enormous and H4X is evolving its model to keep pace with the industry.

"A lot of these kids are winning astronomical prize pools right, and universities are giving out scholarships to really hone and develop these players and nurture them to be pro athletes, so, yeah, I wouldn't take this space lightly at all," said Gurman.