LACHINE - Montreal City Hall has stopped a development project in its tracks.

Groupe Pacific bought the Meadowbrook golf course in 2007 with plans to develop 1500 condominums on the land.

The developers were initially stymied when Cote St. Luc designated the half of the course that sits on its territory green space.

However the western part of the course lies in Lachine, and was zoned for development.

After years of debate and public consultations, the City of Montreal decided on Monday night not to approve the project.

Executive Committee member Alan DeSousa says Groupe Pacific has been informed.

"We've returned a note to the developer indicating that the city at this point in time has no interest in participating or consecrating any funds as a priority to their vision of Meadowbrook," said DeSousa.

The group known as Friends of Meadowbrook is overjoyed that the golf course will not be touched.

Vladimir Dobrusky, who works at the course is quite happy with the news that his job is no longer in danger.

"I was thrilled to hear that. Having a gem of a golf course in the middle of the city is amazing."

Friends of Meadowbrook's Bernice Goldsmith was also pleased, but knows more work lies ahead.

"The next step is that we have to get the Lachine portion of Meadowbrook changed to recreation, not residential. We have to be absolutely certain that we do keep it a green space," Goldsmith said.