A witness accused of lying in front of the Charbonneau Commission was arrested Thursday morning in Laval.

Francois Theriault, 54, will be charged with perjury and obstruction of justice when he appears in the Montreal courthouse at a later date.

Theriault, a construction site supervisor for the city of Montreal, testified in November before the Charbonneau Inquiry into corruption in public contracts.

At that time he said he never received anything from contractors aside from the occasional hockey ticket or bottle of wine.

This contradicted earlier testimony from Lino Zambito, who said that Theriault was taking bribes to overlook inflated expenditures while overseeing cost overruns for the city.

Investigators say that in reality, Theriault was able to take advantage of a deal to purchase a home in Laval.

According to investigators, Catcan, a Paola Catania company, gave Theriault a $30,000 discount on a house in a new development.

The Charbonneau Commission asked the Surete du Quebec to open a file on Theriault on Nov. 30 which led to this week's arrest.

Theriault is one of three city employees who was suspended without pay following testimony made by disgraced contractor Lino Zambito in front of the Inquiry in September.

The Surete du Quebec could not say if anyone else had been arrested for perjury, and was reluctant to discuss the case for fear of impeding the commission's work.