MONTREAL -- Are you stoned? Do you have the munchies? Do you feel like driving?

The A-B-C connection led the SAAQ (Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec) to develop and release ads promoting car-crash flavoured chips in an offbeat way to deter those considering driving while impaired by marijuana.

The chips will not be available at a depanneur anytime soon, and only a limited number of actual bags of blood, asphalt and metal-flavoured chips were developed and distributed in promotional events on university campuses and media outlets.

Spokesperson Marie-Eve Gionet said they were spectacularly unappetizing and that some people couldn't even take the smell.

The SAAQ's The SAAQ partnered with Foodarom and Ig2 to manufacture the chips and ads for its Impaired Driving campaign that runs from Dec. 6 to Jan. 2.

Lg2 creative director Luc Du Sault said he wanted to create something cool and that didn't play the moralizing card for cannabis users.

"We just wanted to tell them, 'Hey! That's not a good idea to take the wheel and hit the road after consuming cannabis," said Sault. "We knew that after consuming cannabis or smoking cannabis, people have the munchies, so we came up with the idea of car crash flavoured chips... If cannabis users experience a car crash without having any wounds, it might be a good solution."

Lg2 has developed other unique outside-of-the-box campaigns such as the "living radar backpack" where drivers can see how fast they are driving in school zones by looking at the back of children's backpacks.