Wilde Horses

  • Desharnais' line once again is the top line on the team, though on the first goal DD got lucky his poor pass ricocheted to Gallagher.
  • Briere is a hero to not bitch about his treatment this year. They brought him in to play with the worst players, at his worst position on the right, and get almost no ice time. And he's supposed to just suck it up and get embarrassed by Therrien every night while Desharnais is given 20 games to work out his crap? And he responds to the nonsense with two goals. His 11 is not a bad total actually for a guy who missed time with a concussion, couldn't get any ice time, or line mates, or his natural centre position or even the left side for most of the year. Not bad at all considering the treatment which must drive Bergevin crazy considering he brought him here it seems for his coach to hate him.
  • That Max Pacioretty has 27 on a Therrien team obsessed with D is a testament to his talent. Could have had 40 if he could have stayed healthy.



Wilde Goats

  • Eller with a bad penalty leads to a goal. He's already not Therrien's favourite. That dog house is getting a lot of inhabitants. However I still don't understand how crushing Eller's confidence more by benching him is smart. Eller never gets a free one from his head coach.
  • Subban's giveaway on the fourth goal is somewhat concerning but the lack of second effort after the giveaway is a complete head scratcher. Total indifference to get back into the play by Subban. Looked completely disinterested. Therrien at the bench had steam was coming out of his head. Apologists will say Subban was tired. No way. Not trying is unacceptable, especially when the lack of effort leads to a clear cut breakaway.
  • Finally, the biggest Wilde Goat is the head coach. He seeks to destroy confidence when he thinks he is teaching lessons. Therrien's handling of his roster in OT was a complete and total joke. Subban is struggling but to bench Subban in 4 on 4 OT is the action of a petulant child making a point, instead of winning one. Doubling up on the stupid, he puts Doug Murray out for double shifts. He also doesn't play a red hot Daniel Briere who was surely feeling it. He doesn't give Galchenyuk a shift in OT either. They won despite the coach.



Wilde Cards

  • Daniel Briere started the game with Parros and Moen while Jaromir Jagr scored the 699th goal of his career the same night. In the first period, Briere had 3:16 of ice, Parros had 3:47.
  • There's a shot of Subban at the bench in OT knowing he's not playing and benched. He's smiling. This is not a happy smile. It's a smile that says can you believe this? It says I don't need this crap. We shall see. All I know is in Therrien's world, some mistakes get forgiven.... if it is the right player. Subban is not Therrien's right player. I hope Subban knows that he is going to last a lot longer than this head coach who in a win (IN A WIN!) I contemplate the need for his replacement for the first time.