Wilde Horses

  • The fans who absolutely belted it out during the national anthem in both languages as the patriotism ran high after saluting our medal winners. Take that Haters, for you have no place in the home the love of the Habs built.
  • The fans again who gave Mike Babcock a huge ovation with not a single boo heard proving it is easy to be a keyboard warrior. However standing up and looking left and right in a large crowd and voicing a stupid notion is much harder. We're all thankful for that.
  • PK Subban singing the anthem in French as well as English. Quote of the day from PK too as he said everybody should love Mike Babcock. He won a gold medal.
  • Max Pacioretty who showed that co-existing with some of the best players in the world at the Olympics can lift the confidence.
  • In the "Could the real DD stand up?" game show, it looks like the 1 point in 19 games to start the season Desharnais was the imposter. I humbly stand corrected. On a tame night, he was okay. 23:43 of ice led the forwards.
  • Andrei Markov whose stop on Pavel Datsyuk's 2 on 1 in OT was the only truly exciting moment of Habs talent we saw in 64 minutes.


Wilde Goats

  • The first period.
  • Doug Murray sometimes while defending behind the net does not have the ability to push the puck forward more than 5 feet. Sometimes he pushes the puck ahead and then can't skate to catch up to it. (Oh God, he's going to be in this section every night, isn't he?)
  • The trap and its usage to win hockey games. Tedious. This sport could be so much more. Rules will have to change, or we'll have to see a change in the application of the present ones but this can not be sold as a good product worth 250 dollars a ticket for years and years. On many nights, this is just not good enough a spectacle.
  • The second period. 
  • I checked the stat sheet after the game and Rene Bourque did in fact play.
  • Todd Bertuzzi who when he scores I want to curse the Gods that Steve Moore is still suffering from brain damage. Court documents released Monday showed Moore's disability claim of $220,000 was rejected by the NHL unless he drops his law suit against Bertuzzi. The league that ruined him then, won't support him now. Sickening.
  • The third period's first 19 minutes.
  • PK Subban who didn't cover his man in OT and who must have made Babcock feel the 6 he chose in Sochi were better options.
  • Therrien who has to get Alex Galchenyuk on the ice more and in an OT that even had 3 on 3 in it. Come on, Man, the one point is already in the bag. Let's see some talented people go out to get the second point.
  • What in heaven's name has happened to Lars Eller? 12 minutes 22 seconds as he is sliding into obscurity in what was supposed to be his breakout year.


Wilde Cards

  • Why Carey Price started practice nursing a lower body injury (groin) with a 5 on 0 drill is a little unusual. Chantal Machabee tweeted Tuesday that Price would not play in Pittsburgh either. How she knew that then makes what happened Wednesday at practice seem odd. Something is wrong in the state of Denmark and I am a little melancholy someone may have held the truth back to all but Machabee.
  • It is very concerning that Michael Bournival is still not back with the team after almost 3 weeks. He is suffering from what was called a minor concussion that night. Let it be noted that nothing is minor in a concussion. Symptoms are minor and even then you have to wait a week to use the word. The Habs should be praised for their caution on concussions. Not every team values its players like the Habs do.
  • Mike McCarron continues to have an excellent second half of the season in London. He remains my second most likely to succeed of all of the prospects behind only Jacob De La Rose. No that doesn't include Beaulieu or Tinordi. Yes it does include Collberg who is not improving. Fucale is third as most likely to succeed.
  • Former Expos Mini Me David Samson was eliminated on the first night of Survivor. This is the first time I ever liked Survivor.