The brother of the homeless man shot by police says his family is destroyed.

Pierre Magloire says life as he knows it will never be the same.

“It's like a nuclear bomb. It's crazy, everyone is destroyed,” he said.

On Monday, his brother Alain Magloire was at a hostel downtown. He got into an argument over his deposit and began smashing windows with a hammer.

When police arrived, he allegedly waved the hammer at them.

Police called for a Taser, but it was too slow to arrive. They shot him in the chest and he died.

It was an end to a life that began with so much promise, his brother says.

Alain skipped a grade in elementary school, and another in high school.

He was in university at 18 and had a master’s degree in biochemistry.

His brother believes the turning point was in 2006, when Alain went to a rave. He took ecstasy and,  he was never the same after that.

He began having paranoid delusions.

“We went to the doctor and he said the chemistry in your brain is imbalanced due to that drug,” said Pierre.

The father of 2 young girls, a man who once worked with teens with disabilities, was now living on the streets.

They tried to get help, but Pierre says over-burdened Quebec psychiatrists didn't seem to take Alain's case seriously because they were impressed by his intelligence.

The Surete du Quebec is investigating whether Montreal police overreacted.

But many say cops shouldn't be investigating cops.

The justice minister has promised to put in place a civilian body for these types of investigations, but it won't be in place for another year.

Pierre Magloire says that does little to address what he believes is the bigger problem with the police -- a fight he plans to take up in the coming days, as soon as he finishes planning a funeral for his brother.

“They don't have the right (training) to deal with mental health problems,” he said.