MONTREAL -- A group of amateur baseball players have filed a legal action against the city of Montreal in an effort to keep their treasured baseball diamond open.

At the courthouse on Tuesday, the players argued that the field, the north field in Jeanne-Mance Park, is an integral part of their community.

Three years ago, the city closed the field while it renovated a nearby tennis court and told the regular baseball players it would reopen. But, in 2018, the ballplayers, mostly amateur and pick-up teams from across the city, were told it would be taken down.

The city was concerned about the danger of fly balls soaring into Park Ave. But the players argue there hasn't been an incident in recent memory.

"We certainly didn't want it to come to this point, but we feel that our modes of engagement to make ourselves heard haven't worked, so we've been forced to take legal action," said Marissa Berry-Mendez, a representative for the players.

The city will present arguments on Wednesday.