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April 1: New parking rules in Montreal as spring street cleaning begins

montreal parking

Montreal's seasonal parking restrictions go into effect Saturday. As of April 1, parking will be limited during certain hours to make way for street cleaning and maintenance operations.

Drivers should pay close attention to street signs to determine when and where it's safe to park. Click here to learn more about restrictions in your borough.

Over the next few weeks, around 1,000 workers will clean 4,100 km of streets, 6,500 km of sidewalks, nearly 900 km of bike lanes and some 1,500 parks, according to a notice from the city published Friday.

"To make the most of our public spaces and keep them in good condition, we also invite the public to do their part," said Montreal Executive Committee member Maja Vodanovic in the release. "We must all show civic-mindedness and eco-responsibility by throwing away our garbage and cleaning the outside of our homes."

City cleaning operations involve hosing down the streets, sweeping debris with mechanical brooms, and sucking up waste with "cyclovacs." Top Stories

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