MONTREAL – The statue of John A. Macdonald was vandalized with paint once again Thursday. This time, the crime was claimed by "anti-colonial zombies."

According to a press release sent by anti-colonial activists, the "zombies" rose up from the Catholic Saint-Antoine Cemetery, located underneath what is now Dorchester Square and Place du Canada.

“You have desecrated our memories with monuments to the architects of genocide, like the racist John A. Macdonald, who attacked the culture and traditions of the Indigenous peoples of Turtle Island,” the statement reads.

“You, the living, have failed. You continue to allow the Macdonald monument to stand in a prominent public location in Montreal, on our dead bodies, as a symbol of white supremacy and brutal colonialism.”

They argue that they rose to paint the monument orange because they say they’re disappointed by all “attempts by living anti-colonials to attack the racist statue and have it removed have clearly failed.”

This is in reference to several other attempts to vandalize the statue over the last few years.

The activists say they plan to "rise again" unless the statue is removed.

The press release finishes: “Happy anti-colonial Halloween!”

The John A. Macdonald statue was first unveiled in 1895.