A concerning video is once again casting a negative light on the caleche industry after a horse collapsed in Old Montreal Sunday afternoon.

A video posted on Facebook over the weekend shows the horse on the ground in distress.

According to witnesses, the horse and driver were waiting in queue for customers when the animal fell to the ground, lying there for 10 minutes as three caleche drivers attempted to get it up.

“It was not moving a lot, so I think we were scared about the horse’s life. They tried to wake him up,” said witness Simon Marceau-Pelletier. “It’s not normal to see a horse down in the street.”

The horse managed to stand on its own eventually. Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre said a veterinarian assessed the animal and said the cause of the fall was "extreme fatigue."

The incident comes a few months after Coderre introduced new legislation on the city’s controversial horse-drawn carriage industry, including regulations on how long horses can work and in what temperatures.

At this point, it is unclear if the person responsible for the horse that collapsed followed the regulations.

Projet Montreal candidate for mayor Valerie Plante tweeted about the incident, calling it “revolting.”

“Let's pull the plug on this inhumane and unsafe industry,” she said.