A former federal NDP executive named in a controversial declaration says his car has been vandalized and he's been called a racist.

On Tuesday, the provincial and federal Green parties distributed a declaration signed by 14 former provincial NDP candidates and Jonathan Richardson.

The letter stated all 15 were supporting the Greens and encouraged all New Democrats and New Brunswickers to vote for the Green Party.

But federal NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh -- speaking at a news conference in Montreal yesterday -- said the declaration was false.

And his party issued statements signed by five of the ex-candidates, saying they remain loyal to the NDP.

Richardson says he heard from some potential NDP candidates who were hesitant to run federally because they thought New Brunswick voters wouldn't vote for a party whose leader wore a turban.

Green Party leader Elizabeth May issued a statement saying seven of the former candidates confirm they have left the NDP.She says they report that following their announcement on Tuesday, quote -- "the N-D-P called them and strongly urged them to renege and deny that they ever planned to join the Green Party."