About half of Quebecers view Muslims unfavourably, according to a new poll.

The telephone survey by Forum research and published in the Toronto Star showed that 48 per cent of Quebecers view the religious group unfavourably. Across the country, 28 per cent of Canadians feel the same way.

The survey showed that overall, 41 per cent of Canadians have “unfavourable feelings” about at least one of these minority groups: Muslims, First Nations, South Asians, Asians, Jews and black people.

In Quebec, 57 per cent of respondents felt unfavourably toward at least one of those groups.

Here’s how other regions compared:

  • Alberta: 45 per cent
  • Atlantic Canada: 39 per cent
  • British Columbia: 35 per cent
  • Ontario: 33 per cent
  • Manitoba/ Saskatchewan: 33 per cent

The Forum poll asked 1,304 Canadian adults: “Do you have favourable or unfavourable feelings about the following groups?” Respondents could choose the following answers: “favourable feelings,” “unfavourable feelings” or “Don’t know.”

After Muslims, the groups most often considered “unfavourable” were as follows:

  • First Nations: 16 per cent
  • South Asians: 11 per cent
  • Asians: 10 per cent
  • Jewish people: 9 per cent
  • Black people: 8 per cent

In all, 59 per cent of respondents expressed no unfavourable feelings for any group.