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You can reload your Opus card with your phone today — if you're a lucky Android user

OPUS card

Some lucky Android users were finally able to reload their Opus cards on their smartphones Wednesday as part of a slow rollout of the functionality to Greater Montreal Area transit users.

Commuters who use Apple's iPhones will have to wait a bit longer. Only a select few with Google's Android-powered devices are currently able to purchase fares from their phones after an update to the Autorité régionale de transport métropolitain’s (ARTM) official Chrono smartphone app was released this week.

Chrono app. (CTV News)

"The functionality of recharging fares via a smartphone is also available on iPhones, but is not yet available to the general public. ARTM is currently in a test phase with a limited number of customers," said Amélie Régis, a spokesperson for the STM, in an email to CTV News.

The transit authority put out a call for tenders last spring for a private firm to launch the new feature.

The ARTM said Wednesday more testing still needs to be done before the full roll-out to more users, which it said is expected in the next few weeks. A specific launch date has not yet been made public. 

Chrono app. (CTV News) Top Stories

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