It seems Montreal has seen a lot of freezing rain and flooding this year. If it seems unusual - that's because it is, according to Environment Canada.

Temperatures are fluctuating remarkably for this time of year, said meterologist Alexandre Parent. 

Statistics for December and January show that Quebec normally experiences four days of rainfall not exceeding 5mm.

So far, in 2019, we've experienced nine days of rain, more than double the average amount.

According to Parent, this is consistent with climate change science: we will continue to experience more freezing/thawing events.

Eventually, the freezing events will dwindle in strength because of climate change, Parent says, and governments will have to adapt as well - especially when it comes to urban planning.

"They have to make serious renovations, and in the structure they think more and more about how the weather is going to affect them," he explained. "It's the same thing as when we had heat events in the summer - [we need] more green areas, less asphalt and black surfaces."

"There's a lot of action that we can take, but again, we need to think of weather in our lives, how we build our cities, and adjust to it. The weather is changing. It's changing slowly, but it's changing," he added.

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