Two months after Ariel Kouakou, 10, vanished from Ahuntsic-Cartierville, family and supporters gathered for a vigil in a church north of Montreal on Saturday. 

The child's parents and relatives attended a prayer ceremony at the Sainte-Odile church.

Ariel has not been found since he left his family home in Ahuntsic-Cartierville on March 12th.

His parents still hope to find him alive - his father still maintains the belief that the boy was kidnapped.

Investigators have favoured the hypothesis that Ariel drowned in the Rivière des Prairies. However, they have not eliminated other possibilities. 

Police are asking the population for information that may point to the child's whereabouts.

A $100,000 reward stands for anyone with information as to his whereabouts. 

Earlier this week, the Kouakou family oversaw the installation of two billboards in the Ahuntsic-Cartierville area, and added several new posters in hopes of re-jigging the search efforts. 

Police have searched land and water for the boy, even commissioning the aid of a specially-trained RCMP search-and-rescue dog. 

Ariel's father, Frederic Kouakou, told reporters on Wednesday that he remains optimistic that his son will be found. 

"Our hope is based on the fact that no news (is) good news," he said. "There's no clue our son has been to the river, so if there's no clue there, for us - our son is somewhere."