A video of a violent arrest of a Montreal commuter at the Guy-Concordia metro station on Friday evening is being shared on social media.

According to the witness who posted the clip to Facebook, at around 7 p.m., a man attempted to get through the metro turnstiles using his girlfriend’s transit pass.

Two transit security officers then proceeded to tackle and choke him as people walked by.

A woman can be seen screaming, trying to help him as his legs flail.

The SPVM said that the 33-year-old man uttered death threats to STM workers and was already detained before they arrived.

He had multiple injuries to his face, but refused to be taken to hospital by ambulance.

The man is facing charges for uttering threats.

"The police made a report and took everyone to the police station for questioning, even the STM officers," said a witness. 

While the transit authority wouldn’t comment specifically on the case, they did say that their inspectors use force based on the person’s behavior and proper security techniques.