A video of a police intervention in a Laval Metro station has gone viral online, capturing failed attempts to Taser a man on the platform Wednesday afternoon.

"Get on the ground!" an officer is heard yelling at a man, dressed in large boots and a baggy blue coat. "You’re going to get Tasered!"

The man stayed standing, speaking in another language.

The officer then attempted to Taser the man, but the man didn’t visibly react.

Moments later, the officer asked for help from his colleague -- "Do you have another Taser?"

Then, officers appeared to fire another Taser shot, which, again, appears not to affect the man.

Laval police spokesperson Stephanie Beshara says officers were called because the man attacked another person, who was left with minor scratches.

She says the man had a knife in his hands when officers arrived, but that he didn’t use a knife in the alleged attack.

Police then deployed a Taser several times, but it didn’t work because something on the man’s person, potentially a piece of clothing or something inside them, prevented it from working.

Though the man can be heard speaking another language, police say it was not a barrier during the interaction.

The man was taken to hospital and no charges have been laid against him.

WARNING -- This video contains strong language

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A video of the moments leading up to the police intervention was also shared online Thursday evening.

In the video, the same man in the baggy blue coat is shown in a physical altercation with another man dressed in construction gear.

The pair take swings at each other, with the construction worker eventually wrestling the man to his seat. It appears as though the construction worker might be trying to take something from the man's hands.

After a struggle, the man is thrown to the ground and pinned under the construction worker's legs. The construction worker then punches him in the head multiple times, at which point other riders on the metro come into frame and try to intervene.

The video cuts to a new clip, and the construction worker is shown kicking the man in the head, twice. A witness can be heard in the background, calling for him to stop. 

The sequence of events leading up to the altercation is unclear.  

WARNING -- This video contains graphic imagery 

The STM, Montreal’s transit authority, told CTV the incident occurred at Cartier Station, on Laval’s south side.

"Necessary measures were taken to ensure the safety of the passengers, and police officers from the Laval Police Department (SPL) intervened quickly," read a statement from STM spokesperson Philippe Dery.

"The suspect was arrested and it was possible to resume service."

He said train service resumed after 17 minutes.