A group calling itself the Christian-Jewish Dialogue of Montreal says the proposed Charter of Values presents too narrow a view of what it means to be a Quebecer, and has created a YouTube video denouncing it.

The group has submitted a brief against Bill 60 in hopes of promoting positive discussion as public hearings on the topic are set to begin next week.

One of the creators of the video is Rev. Diane Rollert of the Unitarian Church of Montreal.

Rollert believes the proposed Charter of Values will extinguish religious tolerance in Quebec, so she and her church are asking for more acceptance of different beliefs.

“And to celebrate the wonderful diversity we all appreciate here,” she said.

The video showcases diverse ethnic groups and religions, asking them what it means to be a Quebecer.

“Have people talk face-to-face and what they would see is the humanity we all share,” said Rollert.

The Parti Quebecois says the charter is needed to codify equality and secularism in Quebec.

Former Liberal cabinet minister Dr. Victor Goldbloom, however, said  the Quebec of his youth was a less tolerant place and the charter is leading the province in that direction.

“If you were in the minority situation of being Jewish, there were places you couldn't go, there were positions you couldn't achieve,” he recalled.

Goldbloom said he's most troubled by the banning of religious symbols for public employees.

“That means that you're not able to be objective, you're not able to be fair and you're not a real Quebecois and we've wanted to take a position against that position,” he said.

“If anything what we need is not a charter that controls what we do and how we dress but rather that there be greater education and greater exposure,” said Rollert.