More than 1,000 delegates from municipal unions in Quebec met at Palais des Congres Thursday morning to discuss strategy in their continuing fight against pension reform.

Police officers, firefighters, blue and white collar workers are opposed to the sweeping changes proposed by Bill 3.

Following a two-hour closed-door meeting they emerged to say they are planning legal fights and strike action if necessary.

“It's going to be a day-by-day war. It’s going to take one year, two years... we're going to take the time. We have a just cause,” said Marc Ranger, the spokesperson for the coalition of union groups across Quebec opposed to the provincial legislation.

Many union locals across the province have voted in favour of strikes, and say they are ready to hold more demonstrations and stage more disruptive activities so the public can become aware of what is going on.

Bill 3 will demand municipal union workers across Quebec contribute more to pension plans, by paying more in the next few years to make up the approximate $4 billion in shortfalls, then setting long-term contribution rates of 50-50 between employees and municipalities.

Unions argue their contribution rates have been negotiated in previous contracts and it is unfair to arbitrarily change them.

The government says unions should accept the changes to make sure their pensions are fully funded, while pointing out the majority of workers in Quebec don't have pension plans at all.

Ranger said forcing municipal workers to pay more won't create pensions for employees of private companies.

"You should ask them what are they prepared to do for the 60 per cent of citizens that don't have a pension plan? We are ready to put more money for their pension plan, so it's not by attacking us that we'll give something to the citizens," he said.

"We have to blame the government. Irresponsible to do what they're doing, targeting us, [blaming] us for everything, and the average class has nothing from this."

After the meeting, hundreds of unionized employees marched to the Queen Elizabeth hotel where Treasury Board president Martin Coiteux was giving a speech concerning private and public investment in Quebec.

Union workers say they will protest continually wherever government ministers go. Their next planned demonstration is set for Saturday in Trois Rivieres, where the Quebec Liberals will be holding a general council meeting.