Mayor Gerald Tremblay hit the campaign trail by city bus Sunday as he unveiled his transit plan, one of the key issues in his Union Party's platform.

Tremblay said he favours toll roads to pay for better public transit, with a vision to extend the metro to Anjou and Bois-Francs in St. Laurent. He's also in favour of more carpool lanes, and reiterated some old ideas, such as creating a shuttle connection between Trudeau airport and downtown, the construction of a tramway line, and replacing aging metro cars.

Toll roads, he projects, would bring in an annual revenue of $350 to $400 million to pay for the installations.

"There's going to be electronic tolls and we're going read the license plates of cars, and they're going to pay according to their usage," said Tremblay, explaining the plan.

"We want those funds to be primarily invested in improving the quality of public transit and also active transit," he said.

Opposition candidate Louise Harel has also said she is pro-toll roads.

"We are in favour," said Harel.